Shipping Refund And Return Conditions

Shipping/Refund/Return Terms and Conditions Policy

The following Shipping/Refund/Returns Terms and Conditions policy is associated with the purchase of products available through Avid, Inc. doing business as Avid Dental Products. Here and throughout this agreement, Avid, Inc. doing business as Avid Dental Products shall be known as and can be referred to as, "the company". Avid, Inc. (the company) is located at 6539 US Highway 61, Bloomsdale MO 63627 and can be reached at (573) 483-2843. By placing an order on the company's website or through the company's customer service center or through any Authorized Dealer; you, the purchaser, are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.


The company reserves the right to ship product from any facility or location it so elects. The company has elected to ship your purchase utilizing services provided by UPS. As such, both the company and the purchaser will agree to terms and conditions set forth by UPS and as those terms and conditions are so posted or available on UPS website or other means of notification UPS so elects. Avid, Inc. retains the right to change shipment delivery methods at its independent discretion and without prior notification.

The company takes responsibility for the shipment of your purchase from the time the purchase leaves a company designated facility until the package (shipment) is delivered to the location of your determination. This responsibility in no way changes or alters the company's policy related to the billing method applied to purchases authorized by you as made available through the terms of this agreement. This responsibility in no ways changes or alters your responsibility to provide payment for the purchase or purchases of products authorized by you as made available through the terms of this agreement. Your selected method of payment will be charged once the purchase or purchases are assigned a UPS tracking identification number regardless to the fact of your purchases' (shipments) physical departure from the company facility or any facility the company so authorizes.

The purchaser agrees to include as part of their payment for products authorized for purchase any and all shipping charges associated with their purchase and to remit payment for said shipping charges at the time a UPS identification tracking number is assigned. Any and all shipping charges with an associated purchase or purchases will as posted on the company's website at the time of purchase, will be made available by the customer service center at the time of purchase or will be made available by an Authorized Dealer of Avid, Inc. at the time of purchase.

Refunds and Returns:

Product or products are entitled to be refunded or returned based on the purchaser's complaint related to the following;

To initiate a product return you must first contact Avid, Inc. customer service at (573) 483-2843 and obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Your RMA number will need to be included on the return packaging. The company agrees to provide the purchaser with the necessary shipping labels and the company agrees to cover the shipping costs of the returned item associated with the return of any purchase or purchases that are consistent with the aforementioned complaints. No returns will be accepted without an RMA number.